Submission Guidelines

The International Journal of Role-Playing (IJRP) editorial board invites scholars of all disciplines to submit articles for publication.

The IJRP is an international, double-blind peer-reviewed scholarly journal that examines all facets of role-playing for an audience of academics, developers, and role-players themselves. Issues appear online once or twice annually, with a rolling deadline for submission of new content. Founded over a decade ago, the IJRP continues to serve as a platform for documentation and analysis of role-playing games as a global cultural phenomenon that straddles the traditional and the transgressive, the analog and the digital, individual and community, as well as theory and praxis. The journal is Open Access that charges neither authors nor readers any fees. Authors retain the right to use their published articles elsewhere, given the mention of the IJRP as the original publication channel.

All publications to the IJRP must be submitted in MS WORD or RTF format, submitted electronically to the editorial board (ijrp.editor [at] Camera-ready manuscripts must also be submitted in MS WORD format, so that the editors can make any last-second changes.

Submissions to the IJRP consists of two parts: a cover letter and the main submission:

The cover letter
All submissions must be accompanied by a cover letter detailing:
1) Brief introduction to the paper’s contents
2) Author(s)
3) Contact details for the corresponding (submitting) author(s)
4) Highlight suggestions

In the cover letter with the submission, the author must suggest at least five sentences or quotes to be enhanced in the camera-ready version. These can be key points or important quotes and will function similar to blow-ups of text in a newspaper. The selected pieces will be copied, increased in font size, and inserted back into the main text. This method works well for providing readers with extra access points to written material.

The main submission
The IJRP is an interdisciplinary, peer-reviewed academic journal. In the past, this publication has accepted submissions from the games industry, academia, the art world, and other areas. While we still encourage authors from a variety of fields and educational experiences to submit — including students and independent scholars — articles must conform to academic standards in terms of methodological rigor, formal tone, and extensive citation. Submissions will undergo both editorial and peer review.

All submissions must contain the items specified below:

Manuscript: The main article/text/design etc. All submissions to the IJRP must conform to the ACM SIG Proceedings template for article formatting and use Chicago Author-Date for citations. The editors may make exceptions in some instances, e.g. in the case of special issues created in co-operation with academic conferences that have their own style requirements.

The ACM SIG proceedings templates can be found here:

For information on Chicago Author-Date, see:

Authors will be responsible for producing camera-ready manuscripts following the review process, within a deadline provided by the issue editor.

The manuscript must be written in English (UK or US). Manuscripts that do not adhere to a strict standard of language quality will be rejected.

Regular submissions should range between 5000-9000 words. The editorial board may make exceptions for shorter submissions in the case of special issues containing papers from a role-play studies specific panel or conference.

Popular abstract: Each submission must contain an abstract that addresses the key points of the publication.  This abstract should be between 250-500 words in length and can include central concepts from the main text. Longer popular abstracts are possible at the judgment of the issue editor.

The journal editorial board will assist authors who have trouble expressing their work in plain language. In the abstract language must be kept sober, concise, and readable by popular audience.

Free text: Uniquely for academic journals, the IJRP also provides authors with the option of writing a piece of text where they are bound by any of the formal requirements of academic or industry writing, nor the regulations of the IJRP itself. This space is meant to be a free area where authors can note down their ideas, perspectives, visions in relation to their publication, such items that would normally not hold a place in a serious publication. For example, an academic article on gender in gameplay might contain a free text section about the possible implications for design for games in the future (or the future of the particular field). Similarly, an academic article on game design could have a free text on suggestions for use in research. Where applicable, the free text should include notes or ideas on the possible industry/non-academic uses of the knowledge presented.

IJRP is an Open Access journal that charges neither its authors nor its readers any fee. Authors retain the right to use their published articles elsewhere, but we kindly request that this journal be in those cases mentioned as the original publication channel.

The current acceptance rate of the journal is around 15%. If an academic article submission to IJRP does not meet the basic requirements or is unable to pass peer review, the editors will return it to the authors with suggestions on how to improve the work for later re-submission.