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Editorial. Special issue: Role-Playing in Games
This special issue contains five articles chosen from amongst those presented at the Role-Playing in Games seminar at the University of Tampere, Finland, April 10-11, 2012. Several others from that seminar will be appearing in future issues of this journal. Read the full editorial here

Sarah Lynne Bowman. Social Conflict in Role-Playing Communities: An Exploratory Qualitative Study

Much of the current research in the field of role-playing studies focuses upon the positive impact that games can have on the lives of participants. This research describes potential problems within role-playing communities.

Angelina Ilieva. Cultural Languages of Role-Playing

Role-play interaction in live role- playing games is also language interaction. Role-playing language is different from everyday language, because the worlds created in role-play are not just a reflection or extension of everyday life.

David Jara. A Closer Look at the (Rule-) Books: Framings and Paratexts in Tabletop Role-playing Games

As texts which are based on collaborative and interactive narration, tabletop – also known as “pen and paper” – role- playing games (TRPGs) are distinct in their technological simplicity.

Michał Mochocki. Edu-Larp as Revision of Subject-Matter Knowledge

The paper presents theoretical foundations of the author’s approach to the design of edu- larps. It is deliberately steering away from cross-disciplinary teaching, artistic education or soft skills training in order to advocate larps tailored to single school subjects, focused on integration and consolidation of curricular knowledge.

Jaakko Stenros. Between Game Facilitation and Performance: Interactive Actors and Non- Player Characters in Larps

The challenge of combining narrative and gameplay in live action role-playing games (larps) has been successfully negotiated with the use of runtime game mastering and interactive actors (ractors) performing non-player characters (NPC).