Issue 8

IJRP 8: Special Issue — Role-playing and Simulation in Education 2018

Sarah Lynne Bowman, Editorial

This special issue contains five articles chosen from among those presented at the Role-playing and Simulation in Education Conference at Northeastern University in Boston, MA, on May 17, 2018.

Ken Koziej and Mikael Hellström, Year Zero Economics: Using Edu-Larping to Explore Economic Systems in the Ninth Grade

This paper describes the process of converting elements of the game Mutant: Year Zero for teaching a ninth grade unit on economics, how students played the unit, and the post-game evaluation.

Magdalene Loh, “Edu-Larping for Career Design

This paper explains the basis and structure of the Career Design Life Game, which helps participants better understand the job market by mimicking the actual world of school and jobs.

Rian Rezende, Sabrina Araujo, and Denise Portinari, “Wonder Cards Storytelling: Imagination, Storytelling, and Role-playing in the Creation of Objects, Spaces, and Experiences

This article explores storytelling and role-playing as resources to create objects, spaces, and experiences in the design of the Wonder Cards.

Susan Weiner, “Case Studies as Tabletop RPGs

This paper introduces a method of implementing case studies in the college classroom by using a tabletop framework, allowing students the agency to make decisions that have impact within the world of the case study.