Issue 2

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The International Journal of Role-Playing is a response to a growing need for a place where the varied and wonderful fields of role-playing research and development, covering academia, the industry and the arts, can exchange knowledge and research, form networks and communicate.

Jonne Arjoranta. Defining Role-Playing Games as Language-Games

This paper looks at one of the latest attempts to define role-playing games, and shows some potential problems with it. As an answer to these problems another definition is proposed, consisting of a game world, participants, shared narrative power and interaction.

William J. White. Playing House in a World of Night: Discursive Trajectories of Masculinity in a Tabletop Role-Playing Game

Using excerpts from the transcript of a tabletop role-playing game session, this study examines how male players enact ideas about masculinity.

Myriel Balzer. Immersion as a Prerequisite of the Didactical Potential of Role-Playing

The article deals with the relation of immersion and the didactical potential of role-playing. It fathoms the extent to which role-playing games without a didactical goal still have didactical potential, as well as the extent to which this potential is being exploited.

Noirin Curran. Stereotypes and Individual Differences in Role-playing Games

Investigating earlier research into the individual differences in those who play role-playing games, this article provides a comprehensive review of research in the areas of demographics, interests, personality and identity as they pertain to gamers.

J. Tuomas Harviainen.Sadomasochist Role-Playing as Live-Action Role-Playing: A Trait-Descriptive Analysis

This article describes sadomasochist role-playing which is physically performed by its participants, and compares that to live-action role-playing.